Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 1 of the NFL preseason is in the books....

   The long anticipated first game of the preseason for the Dallas Cowboys kicked off last night in Oakland, CA (5:00pm Pacific) on ESPN.  As I usually do before the Cowboys are back in action, I made sure to predict ahead of time the VICTORY.  This time though felt electrifying.  A new lease on life I guess you could say.  The slate is wiped clean, DeMarco Murray is back in action, and we managed to pick up a lock down coverage Cornerback in Morris Claiborne from LSU.  On top of calling the victory ahead of time, I also called shut-out.

    The final score in Oakland was the Cowboys on top of the Raiders 3-0.  Needless to say my predictions were completely accurate, although I would have liked seeing more than three points on the board! 

Game Recap

  • Carson Palmer threw a pick to Gerald Sensabaugh to kill all momentum they were building during their first drive of the game. (McFadden was taring it up right away with 2 rushes for 20yd and 1 reception for 18 yd) Watch now @NFL.com
  • The Raiders 1st team D completely stuffed DeMarco Murray (2 rushing attempts for 0 total yds) and the 1st offensive unit of the Cowboys.
  • Raiders wide receiver Jacoby Ford couldn't catch the ball to save his life.. 2-3 key drops led to his own fans booing him.
  • Cowboys committed 12 penalties, Raiders only 5.
  • Trevor Pryor of the Raiders showed a lot of promise by making plays when necessary  and ultimately gave Oakland a shot at beating the Cowboys.
  • A missed game tying FG late in the 4th qtr by a Raiders Rookie kicker (which appeared to be a chip shot) put the weight on Pryor's shoulders to march it down the field and win the game. 
  • With a minute left in regulation, Pryor marched the Raiders to the 50yd line only to throw a game losing interception, sealing their fate.

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  1. Willie you are such a dedicated fan, nice to see. you make other fans look like they are only along for the ride. since the cowboys are americas team as it it said.