Sunday, August 26, 2012

Preseason Week 3 RAMS @ COWBOYS ... Romo was a beast without Bryant, Austin, or Witten

Final Score: Rams 19 COWBOYS 20

The following video highlights from the game are from This is not my original content (obviously)

Dwayne Harris 3 rec 118 yds 2 TDs

D. Harris 38yd touchdown reception... (1 of the 2 he had in the game)

Romo went 9 for 13, throwing for 198 yards and 2 TD passes in the Week 3 preseason win against the St Louis Rams, but what makes these numbers so impressive is the fact that he pulled them off with Bryant, Austin, and Witten on the bench.  Dwayne Harris stepped it up.  Above is the link to his 38yd touchdown reception, where his straight up hustle and explosive effort made the Rams D just look lazy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

wallpapers from 4/2012



Injuries, Injuries, Injuries

One second the Cowboys take the field in Oakland for the first game of preseason action with no Miles Austin in the game.  Instead of getting worried you probably thought how I did ... Appreciating the fact that it was just a preseason game and you'd rather see him out now rather than when it counts... As of right now he should be good to go Week 1 against the Giants and that's all we as Cowboy fans could have asked for... 

Unfortunately I missed Week 2 against the Chargers and once it was spilled to me that we lost that one I honestly haven't gone back to watch the highlights... I must have missed a lot from then to now.. the very first  three Cowboys headlines on the ESPN  Dallas / Fort Worth website looked like this:

The good thing about this crazy injury epidemic is Jason Witten DOES NOT need surgery... had he needed surgery for his spleen we wouldn't lost him for the season.

An interesting fact about the unsung hero Jason Witten is he has only missed one game back in 2003 due to injury.  He's played through everything else. That's not only dedication but HEART and definitely a champion's trait.  Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Baby!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 1 of the NFL preseason is in the books....

   The long anticipated first game of the preseason for the Dallas Cowboys kicked off last night in Oakland, CA (5:00pm Pacific) on ESPN.  As I usually do before the Cowboys are back in action, I made sure to predict ahead of time the VICTORY.  This time though felt electrifying.  A new lease on life I guess you could say.  The slate is wiped clean, DeMarco Murray is back in action, and we managed to pick up a lock down coverage Cornerback in Morris Claiborne from LSU.  On top of calling the victory ahead of time, I also called shut-out.

    The final score in Oakland was the Cowboys on top of the Raiders 3-0.  Needless to say my predictions were completely accurate, although I would have liked seeing more than three points on the board! 

Game Recap

  • Carson Palmer threw a pick to Gerald Sensabaugh to kill all momentum they were building during their first drive of the game. (McFadden was taring it up right away with 2 rushes for 20yd and 1 reception for 18 yd) Watch now
  • The Raiders 1st team D completely stuffed DeMarco Murray (2 rushing attempts for 0 total yds) and the 1st offensive unit of the Cowboys.
  • Raiders wide receiver Jacoby Ford couldn't catch the ball to save his life.. 2-3 key drops led to his own fans booing him.
  • Cowboys committed 12 penalties, Raiders only 5.
  • Trevor Pryor of the Raiders showed a lot of promise by making plays when necessary  and ultimately gave Oakland a shot at beating the Cowboys.
  • A missed game tying FG late in the 4th qtr by a Raiders Rookie kicker (which appeared to be a chip shot) put the weight on Pryor's shoulders to march it down the field and win the game. 
  • With a minute left in regulation, Pryor marched the Raiders to the 50yd line only to throw a game losing interception, sealing their fate.