Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Injuries, Injuries, Injuries

One second the Cowboys take the field in Oakland for the first game of preseason action with no Miles Austin in the game.  Instead of getting worried you probably thought how I did ... Appreciating the fact that it was just a preseason game and you'd rather see him out now rather than when it counts... As of right now he should be good to go Week 1 against the Giants and that's all we as Cowboy fans could have asked for... 

Unfortunately I missed Week 2 against the Chargers and once it was spilled to me that we lost that one I honestly haven't gone back to watch the highlights... I must have missed a lot from then to now.. the very first  three Cowboys headlines on the ESPN  Dallas / Fort Worth website looked like this:

The good thing about this crazy injury epidemic is Jason Witten DOES NOT need surgery... had he needed surgery for his spleen we wouldn't lost him for the season.

An interesting fact about the unsung hero Jason Witten is he has only missed one game back in 2003 due to injury.  He's played through everything else. That's not only dedication but HEART and definitely a champion's trait.  Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Baby!!!

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