Sunday, August 26, 2012

Preseason Week 3 RAMS @ COWBOYS ... Romo was a beast without Bryant, Austin, or Witten

Final Score: Rams 19 COWBOYS 20

The following video highlights from the game are from This is not my original content (obviously)

Dwayne Harris 3 rec 118 yds 2 TDs

D. Harris 38yd touchdown reception... (1 of the 2 he had in the game)

Romo went 9 for 13, throwing for 198 yards and 2 TD passes in the Week 3 preseason win against the St Louis Rams, but what makes these numbers so impressive is the fact that he pulled them off with Bryant, Austin, and Witten on the bench.  Dwayne Harris stepped it up.  Above is the link to his 38yd touchdown reception, where his straight up hustle and explosive effort made the Rams D just look lazy.

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